January 14, 2021 (Based on Ontario Government List of Essential Workplaces)

Further to our COVID-19 Office Update Releases of the last spring, we would like to reach out again to our valued clients and industry partners. As you are aware, the Province of Ontario has ordered the closure of all non-essential workplaces in Ontario amid the coronavirus pandemic.

JPTA provides essential Consulting Services for the construction, operation and maintenance of numerous project types including School Boards, Municipalities, Day Cares and Residential Projects. For this reason, we continue to manage our work in-office. We urge you all to continue to communicate with us via e-mail at this time. We will continue to provide site visits in close cooperation with Constructors and Owners and in strict accordance with legislation and safety standards.  We ask our construction partners to advise us of site-specific protocol or risks in advance of all planned job site visits. We are managing our team workflow and will continue to advance project schedules to the best of our ability.

If you have any specific questions regarding our work, please contact Colin McDonald via e-mail at cmcdonald@jpthomson.com. We thank the broader community’s efforts in reducing transmission and providing safe and healthy environments!

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