Adaptive Reuse | Historical | Renovations

Adaptive Re-Use

“What’s old is new again” could not be a more appropriate notion for our interest in maintaining a kind of cultural continuity. JPTA is dedicated to preserving a community’s architectural heritage. By considering renewal of our existing buildings and updating them for new uses, our insight represents a progressive attitude towards the environment through preservation, waste reduction and resourcefulness. JPTA embraces this mind-set of respecting the past while seeking new opportunities to revitalize sites, existing facilities and campuses. Our expertise with many adaptive re-use and renovation projects has provided us with invaluable experience in the area of adaptive re-use. Our attention to detail, focus on precision, and knowledge of past construction techniques provides us with an ideal skill set in this sector.

Heritage Work

JPTA has been involved with over 40 projects dealing with heritage buildings in Windsor and surrounding communities. These range from the original design of projects that are now part of the local conservancy registry to continued additions and renovations on numerous buildings.