Budget Control

JPTA is proud of its record of matching building designs with the budgets established by the client. At the outset of each project, JPTA carefully listens, records and analyzes a client’s expectations and goals for each project. We often encourage and promote the use of our in-house cost estimating services to assist in the creation of appropriate and reliable initial project budgets.

In addition to work of a third party cost estimator, costs are continually monitored through a series of Building Cost Analysis Estimates prepared and issued, by JPTA, during various stages of the design and development process. We aim to be proactive throughout these phases by adjusting our design and continually scrutinizing our work to ensure that the design intent matches the budget. We like to stress that a good design will result in good budget control – and the quality and appropriateness of our design work produces highly successful construction results.

In order to properly fulfil our client’s needs, we are dedicated to an ongoing search for optimum design and construction solutions. This includes significant research into building systems to ensure our projects realize their potential in terms of aesthetics, functionality and financial accountability.