Conceptual Approach

At JPTA, we strive to create meaningful architecture – that is, conceptually rich design work that is intrinsically linked to the uniqueness of site, program and budget. We believe architecture has the opportunity to begin a dialogue with the character and culture of its locale, with the particularities of its immediate site, and with the interaction of its end-users. Architecture is didactic. It is able to convey things to us that we may never have imagined before. It can create new connections to our past, present and future, it can assemble new paradigms of use and operation and it can endure time when asked.

Above all, the architecture we are devoted to is an architecture of experience premised on an ‘idea’; where the aggregate of all of the above possibilities are summed into one unified gesture on the site. We strive to combine the best of art and technology. Our thought process of merging the interests of our lead designers with objectives identified by each and every project is critical to our identity as a progressive, design-oriented firm.

Ultimately, our goal is to have our clients experience the very ideas we set out to convey through their direct engagement with the process and the built work.