Educational Design

Providing design services to a multitude of school boards and institutions of learning for over five decades has offered us the opportunity to partake in many leading-edge and innovative educational models. Now, the 21st century learning environment presents a condition where information is ubiquitous and technology must be carefully integrated with the physical environment. Traditional school paradigms and their components can be re-imagined as systems that continually adapt to the ever changing needs of educators and students.

JPTA is keenly interested in working with clients to address the needs of current and relevant educational objectives which may be impacted by good design. We strive to create environments which embrace a hybridization of informal and formal education opportunities by providing spatial environments that inspire making connections to the curriculum, to research and to each other. Collaborative working models, relationships to the site and its surrounding ecology, acoustical attenuation strategies, classroom design, design for inclusion / accessibility and best-practices for transparent, flexible and shared program elements sits at the core of our skill set.

JPTA has worked on over 900 educational facilities in its long history, from early learning to post-secondary institutions, and has completed one of the first K-12 schools in Ontario. Our team has a reputation for pushing clients to critically think about the environments within which their students, researchers and staff learn and develop. These institutions are multi-faceted, and our broad range of experience in designing for sport, for social spaces and for learning, resource and research components will encourage meaningful interactions.