Feasibility | Master Planning

Over the past decade, JPTA has conducted numerous feasibility and master plans with representation across a variety of market sectors. A common thread is woven through the overall fabric of such efforts – that is, that the outcome concretely provides our clients with increased clarity of both their short and long term business objectives.

Whether the task involves land acquisitions, operational concerns, or sequencing and phasing strategies – JPTA has established itself as a guiding force in master planning. We never underestimate the simple tasks that are required of large scale projects and we seek to integrate the myriad of issues demanded of complex systems such that fiscal objectives are met.

Our greatest strength is the fact that we are spatially astute – we understand scale, things large and small, and we place significant value on the little details. Further, we strive to ensure clients gain optimal flexibility and the end product enhances their business practices such that sites and their facilities are intrinsically linked to a common goal.