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Sulphate Testing on Steel Reinforcing from the Honourable W.C. Kennedy Collegiate

A closer look at the Sulphate Testing on Steel Reinforcing from the Honourable W.C. Kennedy Collegiate renovation project. 

JPTA’s exterior masonry restoration work included the complete restoration of the school’s north facade – which is its crowning jewel. The process involved: removing stone piece-by-piece; exposing the existing structure; installing new structural steel where needed; numbering and cataloguing all existing stone; casting new stone where existing stone was failed in any way; re-installing all existing and new stone; new leaded glass thermally broken windows; new wood doors; and, re-roofing and parapet work.

Happy Holiday’s from JPTA

Happy Holidays!❄

From our family to yours, JPTA would like to wish you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!🎄

Riverside Secondary School Renovations

Built in 1964, Riverside Secondary School was due for a complete window replacement. Due to failing energy scores, the 198,000 sf school required new high-performance glazing systems to address the multiple sun exposures it was experiencing throughout the day. The school’s long wings and courtyard layout creates beautiful opportunities where natural light enters the learning spaces and corridors. However, these areas were witnessing high solar heat gains and making spaces in the shoulder seasons completely unbearable.

JPTA designed, detailed and provided field administration services for the installation of nearly 90% of the school’s total glass surface. This included the replacement of aluminum exterior doors, curtainwall systems and operable units. Fritted glass was used at high-exposure areas. The work required the removal and installation of new masonry lintels to support brick and precast concrete panels at spandrel,base and head conditions.

On the interior, new millwork was designed and detailed to accommodate radiant heat systems where these systems were found below windows.

Honourable W.C. Kennedy Collegiate

Constructed in 1929, Honourable W.C. Kennedy Collegiate Institute represents the most significant academic English Gothic revival structure in Windsor. The high school’s exterior showcases remarkable architectural forms and detailing which include cast precast stone, brick masonry, leaded windows and wood exterior doors. The interior is treated with vaulting and archways in significant nodes and spaces and has significant plaster works, stone and woodworks.

JPTA’s exterior masonry restoration work included the complete restoration of the school’s north façade – which is its crowning jewel. The process involved: removing stone piece-by-piece; exposing the existing structure; installing new structural steel where needed; numbering and cataloguing all existing stone; casting new stone where existing stone was failed in any way; re-installing all existing and new stone; new leaded glass thermally broken windows; new wood doors; and, re-roofing and parapet work.

JPTA completed the design and specification work in collaboration with ERA Architects. The final product is a complete and authentic reconstruction of the original stone and masonry design.

Movement Museum

Project: Movement – Museum of Change⠀
Owner: Unsolicited / Theoretical Work⠀
Location: Windsor, Ontario⠀
Size: 60,000 sf renovations + 15,000 sf new⠀

For this theoretical project, JPTA proposed a concept for a new museum on the city’s waterfront. This project was set to adapt a derelict existing building in the Walkerville community of Windsor, Ontario. The theme of the project seeks to create a facility which encapsulates the diverse and dynamic nature of the society and embodies this existence in one singular notion. It has been named Movement. Envisioned as Windsor’s Museum of Change, Movement will showcase the objects, people and events that have shaped the city’s unique and evolving culture. The museum will act as an ever-changing space able to adapt, transform and reconfigure. ⠀

Conceptually, the design of the building draws on this notion of movement. A large addition is designed along the south face of the existing building – which is transformed and given a new life. The building and the surrounding site is conceived as playing a part in this idea of movement. In order to enliven and animate the spatial experience of the museum, consideration is given to the way in which the building responds to its thematic systems as well as its contextual environment. The scales of city, site, building and exhibit are imaginatively woven together to produce a place of constant activity.⠀

Earth Day 2020

In honour of Earth Day, let’s take a look back at our theoretical design proposal which aimed to re-focus student learning towards “all things earth”. The Earth School, located within the community of Leamington, ON, was a concept high school which posited food, nutrition, health and wellness and earth studies as the focus of its curricular studies. Where best to place a school whose entire community understands the importance of the sustenance of the earth, than in Leamington – an agricultural juggernaut.

Here at JP Thomson Architects we strive, through design, to create more opportunities to embrace everything Earth. This approach begins with the design conception, to the construction phase, and all the way to the completed building’s performance. Happy Earth Day and be sure to check out Earth Day Live 2020: https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-live/

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JPTA – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

April 6, 2020 (Based on Ontario Government List of Essential Workplaces Updated April 3, 2020) Further to our COVID-19 Office Update Releases of the past 2-3 weeks, we would like to reach out again to our valued clients and industry… Read More

Winners of the 2020 Built Heritage Awards

We are honoured here at JPTA to have received an award for not just one but THREE of our projects for the GECDSB. Queen Victoria Public School, Prince Edward Public School, and Hugh Beaton Public School were awarded Windsor’s 2020 Built Heritage Awards for Heritage Conservation. Thank you to the City of Windsor and congratulations to all of the other winners!

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Built Heritage Awards

Did you know it is currently Heritage Week in Ontario? On January 13, 2020, three of our projects for the GECDSB – Queen Victoria Public School, Prince Edward Public School, and Hugh Beaton Public School – were nominated for Windsor’s… Read More

Building A Sustainable Future

As a symbol of Leamington’s commitment to a sustainable future, the Leamington Municipal Building (@TweetLeamington ) was seen as an opportunity to showcase the town’s forward thinking attitude.

JPTA integrated numerous sustainable strategies such as: day-light harvesting; a bio-filter living wall; a reflecting roof membrane used to reduce heat gain; passive strategies related to building orientation to maximize lighting and views to the exterior; north-lit high-performance glazing and; staff shower and alternate transportation amenities.

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A Memory Trace

King Edward Elementary School // Windsor, Ontario // Completed

King Edward was built to replace the original school, completed in 1905 and designed by renowned architect Albert Kahn (1869-1942), in the quaint historical residential neighborhood of old Walkerville.

Heritage concerns resulted in JPT going through great lengths to preserve the original entrance façade, which was disassembled stone by stone, stored offsite, then reassembled in its current location. The final design incorporated this finely crafted 90 year old stone front entrance of the original building into the new school.

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Wood Purlins & Deck

Have a look up at the new wood purlins secured to the existing structural beams at the New French Immersion Public School on Mercer Street. The new purlins and wood deck system will remain exposed within the building’s interior and will replace the original wood members that were too deteriorated to be saved.

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Town of LaSalle Civic Centre Site

@TownofLaSalle @town_of_lasalle // LaSalle, Ontario // Completed

In addition to the construction of the Town of LaSalle’s Civic Centre, JPTA fully re-developed the surrounding site. The site contains a fountain water feature and sunken plaza, a large paved area for outdoor festivals and events, a relocated cenotaph and gardens with passive seating for outdoor movie nights or just a leisurely walk in the park.

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Tunnel Duty Free

Renovations are well underway at the Tunnel Duty Free in Windsor. Here is a detailed look at the new perforated panels going up on the exterior facade. #JPTA #JPTArchitects #JPTArchitecture #TunnelDutyFree #PerforatedPanels #Renovation #WindsorArchitecture #Exterior #architecture #construction #modernArchitecture

New School, Old Building

READ ALL ABOUT IT… the New French Immersion Public School that is! Have a look at the Windsor Star article below:


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Earth School – Design Concept

Located in Leamington, ON, the Earth School was developed as a theoretical design proposal to re-focus student learning towards “all things earth”.

Designed for a very large and gradually sloping site, the school conceptually seeks to use the ground plane as a design starting point thus making an immediate correlation between the fundamental form-making and the curriculum’s main focus (food, nutrition, health and wellness and earth studies).

The design takes the ground plane, which slopes in elevation by approx. 21 feet downward from the rear of the site to the front (street), and tilts it back upward (in a mirror image of the downward slope) to form a new roof plane. The rear of the site now seamlessly folds into the new grass covered roof plane.

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P.E. McGibbon Public School


The main entrance facade at P.E. McGibbon Public School contains an articulated “learning courtyard” surrounded by a dynamic glass curtain wall. This configuration allows students to connect visually with one another and the varying activities of the courtyard, and also provide inspiring views to the exterior.

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GECDSB Meeting

A great discussion and plenty of input last week at the Greater Essex County District School Board meeting for the New French Immersion Public School on Mercer Street.

Here is a view of the interior progress on site.

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K-12 Tatamagouche Regional Academy

K-12 Tatamagouche Regional Academy // Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia // Completed

The design of K-12 Tatamagouche Regional Academy is thoughtfully connected to its site and its community, drawing upon the community’s lumbering and shipbuilding heritage as architectural devices to develop forms, materials and details for the new school. Wood is used on the facade as a reference to the lumbering industry, shaping the walls into bulging masses reminiscent of ship hulls.

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New School Clerestory

New high-performance glazing will replace the existing windows in the clerestory at the New School at Mercer Street.

Solera T-R18+Aerogel by Advanced Glazings offers an impressive thermal performance and sound transmittance, while providing superior light diffusion.

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WESPY Awards

Honoured to sponsor such a great event recognizing and celebrating sports in Windsor-Essex County. Congrats to the #WESPY Awards for another memorable night!

Pictured: Nicklas Lidstrom & Dominic Papa

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New School at Mercer Street

New School at Mercer Street // Phase 1

Heritage deconstruction / reconstruction underway

Conversion of the old International Playing Card Co. factory building into a new public school located in Windsor, Ontario.

We are so excited to be part of such an amazing project! Stay tuned for more progress.

What will Phase 2 bring… Any guesses?

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WIFF – Windsor International Film Festival

October 29 – November 4, 2018 Looking forward to this year’s films and events!  How about catching: Always at the Carlyle Anthropocene: The Human Epoch Big Time Unarmed Verses Our regional Architect’s Society (WRSA) is again a proud sponsor.

Careers / Employment Opportunities

We are seeking energetic, spirited and passionate members to join our design team.  JPTA is looking for the following additions to contribute to our design-focused environment: Design Architect(s) with a minimum of 5 years experience Intern Architect(s) Qualified Architectural Technologist(s)… Read More

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Respecting the past – not duplicating it.

A certain sensitivity is required when considering  an expansion or renovation to an older building.  Our team has completed numerous renovations, additions and upgrades to historically significant buildings, buildings with history, and buildings from different eras.   These, of course,… Read More

A Brand New Year!

#2017 Here we go… it is a brand new year!  We thank all of our business partners for our collective goal of delivering exceptional services to our valued clients. Let’s continue the great work and make 2017 an amazing year!

Happy Holidays to All!

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Labour Day and Back to School!

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JPTA – Opens New Office

Our New Office is located at 2001 Provincial Rd., Windsor, ON.  We keep getting asked, “When is the Open House”?  The location has decreased staff commute times and increased productivity.  More importantly, it allows us to better serve our clients… Read More

JPTA relocating!!! New digs on the horizon…

After 12 years at our current address, JPTA has plans to relocate to better serve its many and valued clients.  The new office location will be announced at a later date.  It is strategically located to allow us to continue… Read More

LaSalle Open House – Come for a tour of JPTA’s work

Come to the #LaSalleOpenHouse this Sunday.  JPTA work @LaSallePoliceON @LasallefireON Also the Municipal Centre and the Environmental Services Building at the Vollmer.

JPTA teams with Nycum & Associates for New K-12 School in Nova Scotia

JPTA is excited to announce that we have teamed with William Nycum & Associates to develop a K-12 replacement school in Tatamagouche, NS.  Conceptually, the design will point to the uniqueness of the site and draw upon the community’s character… Read More

2014 Ontario Masonry Design Awards Nomination

JPTA was nominated for a 2014 Ontario Masonry Design Award under the structural masonry category for the design of the Tecumseh Vista Academy K-12 School.  Working with an extremely difficult budget, JPTA managed to develop an exciting new K-12 school… Read More

Town of LaSalle Municipal Centre Opens

The Town of LaSalle has officially opened for business as of August 18, 2014 in their new Municipal Centre.  The Municipal Centre was developed with a focus on town services which are consolidated and enhanced under one roof. This facility… Read More

JPTA Award-Winning Work in OAA Profiles Magazine

  JPTA was considered for this month’s OAA Profiles special edition on Heritage Projects for two excellent examples of restoration work.  Profiled in this edition is the work the firm completed on the adaptive re-use of the old St. Paul’s… Read More

OAA Profiles Magazine – JPTA’s John Campbell Public School

JPTA was considered for this month’s OAA Profiles special edition on Heritage Projects.  Profiled in this edition is the work the firm meticulously carried out for the completely renovated and restored historic John Campbell Public School. Read the full article… Read More

LaSalle Police Opens For Business

The new Police Facility, a stand-alone 22,000sf complex consisting of administrative offices, patrol and criminal investigation offices, dispatch area, booking and detention facilities, forensics and identification facilities and staff amenities – is now open for business.  The new building will… Read More

JPTA Proud Sponsors of Local Events

This past spring and continuing through the summer, JPTA has upheld its long commitment to support local charities and events.  To name just a few, JPTA remains the proud sponsors of the following organizations: 50th Anniversary of the University of… Read More

JPTA long-listed for the WAN Civic Building Award

JPTA was long-listed for the 2013 Civic Building Award for the Leamington Municipal Building.  An excerpt from the World Architecture News site describes the the range of the work and selection process: ‘Brave’ and ‘poetic’ architecture steal top spots in… Read More

Fire and EMS Operations at LaSalle

The Fire and EMS buildings represent a complete renovation of an existing Public Works structure and a new addition respectively.  The combined facility will be completed with new administrative offices, apparatus bays, workshops and storage, living quarters, kitchens and a… Read More

JPTA and the UofW Lancers team up for LYFE Program

JPTA will continue its sponsorship of the University of Windsor Lancers’ LYFE Program.  The Lancer Youth Fan Experience Program (LYFE) seeks to provide access to Lancer athletic events for the youth groups of our communities who may otherwise not have… Read More

Municipal Campus Home to New City Buildings

A master planning effort was undertaken at the Town of LaSalle to determine how the development of municipal services and facilities should be organized.  The final overall master plan is the result of careful planning surrounding topics such:  location and… Read More

Windsor Construction Projects Recognized by Local Association

JPTA was awarded three Design Awards at the Windsor Construction Associations Awards of Excellence night.  JPTA won the following awards: Commercial Building Award – Windsor Family Credit Union Commercial Building Award – 400 City Hall Institutional Building Award – Parish… Read More

JPTA Sponsors Lancer Women’s Basketball

In their 2011 race to the title, the University of Windsor Lancers Women’s Basketball Team displayed a competitive drive unmatched at the national level.  Their tenacity of passion for the game, made the players and coaching staff ambassadors to Canadian… Read More

JPTA Regional Winner at 2010 Masonry Design Awards

JPTA was winner of three regional design awards at the 2010 Ontario Masonry Design Awards event held at the Liberty Grand Banquet Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Recognition included: Ontario West Regional Winner-Architectural Design: High School for St. Anne Catholic High… Read More

Canadian Architects seek to explore the notion of “self-image”

The following is an excerpt from World Architecture News (www.wan.com). Windsor, Ontario architectural firm, J.P. Thomson Architects, has proposed an unsolicited concept for a new museum near the city’s waterfront. A derelict existing building has been adapted to provide a… Read More

Doors Open 2008 – JPTA Office and Studio

In September 2008, JPTA participated in Doors Open Windsor; celebrating the unique and historically significant buildings in the Windsor area. The South End Mission of All Saints’ Anglican Church started with Anglicans meeting at the Church of the Nazarene and then… Read More