Project Approach

Our design process involves multidisciplinary collaboration such that key stakeholders and design professionals partake in making critical decision which will be carried through to the other phases.

In addition to extensive collaboration, our process follows a “whole building design” approach. We view a building or site program as an interconnected set of systems as opposed to an accumulation of its separate components. The goal of looking at all the systems together is to make sure they work in harmony rather than at odds.

Our process frequently begins with a charrette or intensive design workshop, in which many stakeholders gather to set goals and identify strategies for achieving the desired outcomes. We establish targets early on for a broad range of parameters, and develop preliminary strategies to achieve these objectives. In the context of a cohesive design team approach this brings our engineering skills and perspectives to bear at the concept design stage, thereby avoiding unrealistic or costly options. The process is iterative. We then continue to explore options to produce concept design alternatives; ultimately selecting the most promising for further development.