Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital Parking Deck

Owner: Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital Location: Windsor, Ontario Size: 175,000 sf The construction of a 537 car parking structure formed part of this larger development plan. The primary challenge of this project was to manipulate the design into the compact site… Read More

Windsor Tunnel Plaza Redevelopment

Owner: Detroit – Windsor Tunnel Corporation Location: Windsor, Ontario Size: Multiple Buildings and Site Work The pre-study brief on the feasibility of the new Customs Facility recommended a multi-level deck due to the site constraints. However, JPTA quickly realized that… Read More

Ambassador Bridge Plaza

Owner: Detroit International Bridge Company – Canadian Transit Company Location: Windsor, Ontario Size: Withheld Following our proven services performed at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Plaza, J.P. Thomson Architects completed full architectural services for the customs facility and immigration offices at the… Read More

Goyeau Street Parking Deck

Owner: City of Windsor Location: Windsor, Ontario Completion: 1965 Well known as one the premiere parking decks in the City, this structure is ideal for users in the downtown core. This project involved the construction of a multi-level, 400 car… Read More

University of Windsor Parking Deck – Design Proposal

Owner: University of Windsor Location: Windsor, Ontario Size: 297,500 sf Deck + 34,000 sf IC The design for the University of Windsor Innovation Centre takes its formal and material cues from its interface with the city, campus and surrounding buildings…. Read More