We strive to foster an office culture based on self-motivation and collegiality; where individuals find both personal intellectual stimulation and feel the power of a cohesive team framework. We offer cross-disciplinary interaction so that team member development is guided and well-rounded. We approach our profession as a place of lifelong learning. This keeps us grounded and in tune with both the certainty of proven methodologies and the spirit of change and innovation.

Comprised of a talented group of individuals dedicated to the advancement of quality architecture and the betterment of our built environment – a prolific design and technical team supports our principals. Together, we work in a dynamic and collaborative studio environment. It is a place where ideas are discussed, challenged, tested and confirmed. It is both formal and informal – where clients feel their projects are under the utmost care and that their investments are well managed under our tutelage and oversight.

By consciously maintaining a highly agile, efficient studio environment and group of people, JPTA’s services are delivered seamlessly from project inception to final occupancy.